8 Best Alternatives To Garageband You Can Try in 2023

If music is your passion, you might have definitely heard about Garageband. It is an amazing platform that has a ton of features that can help you put out the best music ever. But, as with everything in this world, Garageband comes with a fair share of drawbacks. The biggest of its drawbacks is that Garageband is officially only available for Mac and iOS. However, you can also get Garageband on Windows PC, and we have discussed some methods in our guide.

Top 8 Garageband Alternatives For Windows & Android

For all of those windows and Android users out there, here are the top 8 best alternatives for Garageband. 

Garageband Alternatives For Android

1. uFXloops 


This is an amazing alternative app for Garageband which allows you to easily create great music out of lyrical words. The quality of the audio on uFXloops is suspiciously amazing and it also gives you the opportunity to choose a style to create music on. The uFXloops has a user-friendly interface. You won’t have to dig deep for finding the features you want to use because everything is very well laid out. 

2. Walk Band – Multitracks music 

Walk Band

Walk Band is kinda like a room for all your musical instruments (but it has the dimensions of a smartphone). It provides you with everything to turn your music into a wonder. You can add piano sounds, drum pads, guitar, and absolutely any instrument sound that exists. With the help of the Walk band, your music will sound exactly as if it was recorded in a studio. 

You are served with a generous amount of features like MIDI track recording and editing, voice track recording and editing, piano roll mode editing, Multi-task synthesis, and many more. Overall, it’s a pretty good app and an amazing alternative to Garageband. 

3. FL studio mobile

FL studio mobile

You can create a unique track for your normal music which helps spice up the normalcy in the music with the help of FL studio mobile. FL studio mobile allows you to save your music. You can also share it with your friends and family through different social media apps or email. As with all of the other apps on the list, FL studio mobile serves you with a range of different features like high-quality synthesizers, virtual piano keyboards, drum pads, etc. 

Compared to the previous alternatives, FL studio mobile is a lesser-known option with around 100K downloads on the play store. But this doesn’t make it any less considerable. 

Garageband Alternatives For Windows

4. Mixcraft 


The only proper way to describe this DAW is to say that it’s a complete package of everything you’ll need. It has a large library of effects, instruments, and presets you can make use of to take your music to the next level. The DAW is currently on its 8th version and has gone through a ton of levels of improvement to reach here. 

It has a ton of features like the performance panel which helps you automatically sync audio clip grooves. You can also add extra plugins which result in higher functionality. Apart from all of the audio editing features, Mixcraft also allows you to edit videos.  

5. Music Maker Jam 

Music Maker Jam

If you are someone that doesn’t always have their PC in reach, Music Maker Jam is the best option. It is available both for android and windows devices so you can continue working on your smartphone when the PC is not available. Everything in the DAW is laid out perfectly, Music Maker Jam divides everything in it into 4 main genres. 

If you have used the 4 genres way too much, you can unlock new genres with the help of in-app purchases. In case you are having trouble getting hold of the DAW, you can easily get Music Maker Jam on your Microsoft store. 

6. Ableton Live 

Ableton Live

Ableton gives you access to some amazing options and features that you would not expect from a music editing platform. A good example of this is the session view feature, this feature allows you to experiment with all of the musical ideas in your head without thinking of the timeline. The arrangement view gives you the opportunity to organize all of your music into a timeline. 

7. Cubase Pro 

Cubase Pro

Cubase Pro is currently in version 10. It has gone through a ton of different levels of improvements over the past 3 decades. It comes with a channel strip, drum editor, alignment tool, chord pads, and almost all the features you could ask for in a DAW. You are exposed to an ocean of different features so it will take a little while to get used to the DAW. 

8. Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X

Apple has come up with another upgraded version of Logic Pro after a  huge leap. Logic Pro X is pro-level software that offers advanced and professional audio editing at a competitive price for multitrack recording, film scoring, sound design, and more. Currently, the software is available for Apple OS only and requires Mac OS X v10.14.6 or later and 6 GB of free space. As per officials, you can’t get it on any other OS but recently we found a guide that claims to download Logic pro x on windows following their procedure.


Whether you are a beginner at music or a professional, these 8 alternatives for Garageband will give you a lot of help. There’s no right answer to figuring out which is the best. You’ll have to try all of them yourself and figure out which one works best for you and your needs.


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