20+ Garageband Pro Hacks You Need To Know

Want to try out creating music in the comfort of your own house? Do you think it’s not possible? However, reality tells you that it is actually possible to create music wherever you want to. Garageband is one such powerful app that gives you a glimpse at the things that you can do just like the way you do when you have complete access to the studio.

All those music adorers out there can have the Garageband app on their Apple devices if you are planning to put your musical ideas into execution. For those who are aware of this app, it’s quite simple to access Garageband. Still, a few hidden things may startle you when you discover them. Some of the power tips give you some additional information regarding its functionality and take your music creation to the next level. Just go through the great Garageband power tips discussed in this post.

Garageband Pro Hacks That Actually Helpful

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1. Unique Drummer

People who use the Garageband version 10.2 for Mac have an advantage with Drummer Loops. Drummer Loops can be captured as Apple Loops and they can be stored in the loop library. The users can easily add some charm to their musical creations through the all-new Drummer Loops. The key benefit of Drummer Loops is that you can select a drummer loop from a list of parts available and finally drag one that you like into the empty track area. Further, you can easily edit it in the Drummer Editor. This editor helps in editing and altering the Track automatically on Garageband and generates the sound of the Drummer Loop. Besides this, the user can personalize and add their favorite track in the loop.

2. Garageband Notepad

If you are using Garageband on your iOS device, you can access the notepad similar to the desktop version of this app. The iOS app comes with an integrated notepad that aids in storing compositional notes within the musical project. You can utilize the space in the notepad for notes, writing song lyrics, information about the hardware equipment you use while recording a track, and more.

Just go to Settings on the Garageband app >> click the Notepad option.

3. Tune Transposition

One can transpose their tracks up or down in Garageband. Using the option ‘Show Transposition Track’ under the menu ‘Track’, you can transpose the track easily. By adjusting the points on the curve up or down, you can make the pitch-perfect for your track. This way, you can make your pitch perfect and turn out the audio tracks well.

4. Perfect Timing

Worried about your track timing? With Garageband power tip, you don’t have to struggle with your track timing with the song. Groove Matching is the right option to clear the timing problem. Go to Tracks >> Track Header. Select the track that has perfect timing and click the star on the left corner. Tap on the faulty routes and check where the problem arises.

5. Logic Remote

If you want to control your Garageband app remotely, you can download the Logic Remote iOS app. Make sure that you have an iOS device to access this app. With this remote control, you can mix projects, create new tracks, play software instruments from an iPhone or iPad that are connected to a similar network just as your PC. In the Garageband menu, you can find the option ‘Download Logic Remote’. Once you click it, it redirects you to the app store.

6. Add Effects

At the time of mixing, you can add effects to the track and display the Master track in the main window. You can even do automation to the master stereo bus. It is possible to add effects and automation to the master stereo bus while mixing. Go to the Track menu >> tap the option Show Master Track. You can then use the plugin slots just by tapping the Output tab in the Smart Controls pane. Just by pressing the ‘A’ key, the automation lanes for all the tracks will be disclosed.

7. AUSampler

Boost up your music with the hidden sampler, AUSampler. This option helps you drag and drop audio files into Garageband. This eventually helps in building new instruments. All you need to do is to create a software instrument track and tap the button ‘Smart Controls’. Navigate to the Plug-ins pane present on the left-hand side of the control panel. The AUSampler will be displayed in the popup plugin menu. Using AUSampler, importing different MP3 and audio files will become quite simple. Moreover, they can be played from the keyboard and some other instruments. Besides this, using the integrated effects and presets of Garageband, recording your sound and accessing the same in your music creation becomes easy.

8. Improve Rhythm Tracks

With version 10.2 of Garageband, you can access new percussion players from the Drummer track menu. With a bunch of skilfully-played percussion grooves, you can augment your rhythm tracks. The restructured Drummer interface helps you find new players in the Library pane. While working with an extensive range of professionally played percussion grooves, you can eventually enlighten your mood.

9. Precise Loudness

Garageband provides another power tip to create projects at accurate loudness so that no disturbance or deformation occurs. At the time of mixing, you need to be sure that the mixes are perfectly loud to race up with the commercial tracks. For that, you need to check the Auto Normalize checkbox. Click Preferences >> Advanced >> Auto Normalize. Once you check this, you can ensure that your musical creations are exported at precise loudness. Some of the export options available in the share menu include iTunes, burning to CD or disc, sharing to SoundCloud, and more.

10. Fine-Tuning

An in-built tuner is present in Garageband that helps in scrutinizing the incoming audio signal. This tuner can check whether the audio is from a guitar or connected mic. This built-in tuner displays the pitch on a circular readout. The users can easily check if the instrument is in the right tune or not before recording it. The built-in tuner can be accessed through the button next to the LCD in the transport bar.

11. Useful Arrangement Track

The arrangement track in Garageband helps you try out new layouts of previous projects. By setting up a series of arrangement markers at the beginning of musical creation, you can add a Drummer Track. The Drummer Track boosts your arrangement across different regions under each section. With the Arrangement track, you can highlight a specific section in a song. Further, you can reorganize things just by copying or moving the whole part.

12. Smart Instruments

The Smart Touch instruments help in quickly accessing some unique ideas on the move once you start a project. Go to File >> iCloud menu >> import a song into Garageband.

13. Musical Typing

A lot of virtual instruments are available in Garageband. Musical Typing is the perfect solution to access such virtual instruments.   This app enables the users to access keys on the keyboard to play melodies, chords, notations, and more.

14. Capture the Entire Band

The multi-channel audio interface helps the users record audio on multiple tracks at a time. Go to the Smart Controls panel, tap the header of each track and choose an input channel for the same in the Recording Settings panel. To configure the track headers, just press Alt + T and check the Record Enable checkbox, enable each track and click Record.

15. Alter Colors

Depending on the material and content, Garageband color codes every region. Once you press the keys Ctrl + Alt + G, the brown regions will change into blue. This enables the users to alter their tuning and timing.

16. Template Customization

To begin a project using the factory templates, you can save a lot of set-up time. Still, you could create your own customized project templates. All you need to do is to set up your template, save and drag it into the dock. Just tap it to launch the template.

17. Arpeggiator

A button similar to the Flying Saucer is displayed on the top right corner of the Smart Controls board. Enable it just by tapping it. The hidden, preset-based Arpeggiator will be enabled for software instrument tracks.

18. Quick Help

The quick help button is displayed in the top left corner of the transport bar. This button helps turn your Garageband app into self-help mode. A list of tips for the app’s main working areas will be displayed when your place the mouse pointer on the Quick Help button.

19. Smart Controls

The smart controls panel helps in giving quick and easy-to-navigate access to the parameters of the currently selected instrument or plugin that you are looking for. The layout relies on the type of instrument or effect that you have loaded up. You can access the buttons at the top of the panel to switch between the Channel EQ and the smart controls.

20. Apple Loops

Garageband comes with a bunch of Apple Loops. All you need to do is to record a specific part, turn it into a good loop, trim it into the right length and give it a precise name. Choose File >> Add Region to Loop Library. Further, the loop will be accessible through the Loop Browser.


Well, these are some of the exceptional Garageband power tips that you need to know. To enhance your musical performance and creation, you can use these simple Garageband hacks. To create smart music, use a variety of tools available on Garageband for iOS. Trust your creativity and go on creating wonders with Garageband.

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